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Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Alive, FrankenKirby

The "I'm alive-o, alive" posting. Having escaped the rubble and dust that was my kitchen, I'm at work.

Something a tad more substantial is on the horizon, but if I don't post something now my mother will think the J-Man killed me in a fit of home improvement angst and hid my carcasse in the manure pile.

For the comic reading list:
Copper: A boy and his dog. Cute, profound and sometimes poignant. From the author of Daisy Cutter, a terrific YA graphic novel.

The bizarre world of Feral Calf. You'll never look at amphibians the same again.

Monsters and the lawyers that defend them on Supernatural Law. That would be good monsters like vampires and such.

A chupacabra and her Irrational Fears.

And True Magic for a dose of pretty boys and zombies.

Later, gators,



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