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Monday, December 05, 2005

A Song In My Head

Billy Joel's "She's Always A Woman" is stuck in my head.

I heard the song yesterday and it made no impact. But today it surfaced, buzzing like an angry bee stuck in the back window of a car. I don't actually know the words except for "...and she's always a woman to me," so I'm reduced to humming the tune, interpersed with that one lyric.

Last week, it was Britany Bobblehead Spears. Again, I don't know the lyrics, just the chorus in Spears's trademark goat voice. "I'm not that innocent. Baaaaaa."

Worse yet, at one point I got fat-fuck Toby Keith's Ford commercial stuck in my head. I hate Toby Keith and hate that commercial. "I'm a Ford truck man." I changed the lyric to "I'm a pencil-dick man," but couldn't get Keith's bloated, unshaven face out of my head.

(Thank God my husband drives a Dodge. Oh, wait, there's the asinine hemi commercial with the two slobbering hillbillies. Crap.)

In desperation, I resorted to: "I'm not that innocent..."

Sing it Britany.

Monday. Phooey!


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