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Friday, December 16, 2005

Quit Your Whining, Just Do It

"I'll quit smoking when things calm down," I hear my boss telling a coworker. She said that last year. My response then and now is the same. I withhold comment because she signs my paycheck.

Instead I think, "Bullshit." My boss is the owner of a fast-paced small business and is by nature, strung tighter than piano wire. Things will never calm down.

It's the old "I'll do something--quit smoking, learn how to play the piano, etc.--when conditions are optimal" excuse. In other words, NEVER.

Anyone who writes or does something creative has heard a variant of this excuse. Tell someone that what you do and their eyes brim with wistful eagerness. "Oh, I'd love to write/paint/draw. But I'm waiting for..." Waiting for what? Who? Godot?

The lamest excuse ever is "I can't because I have children." ("What?" squawks an indignant soccer mom.) Yeah, I said it, "Lame." Do you think that artists and writers don't have children? Human beings, like all living things, are driven by desire to procreate. The majority of creative types have children. Because the creative life doesn't usually pay well, most have other jobs.

If you want to do something bad enough, you will find the time for it.

I started playing violin in my twenties. A beginning violin player is one of the most dreadful creatures in the universe. In fact, the fabric of the universe is threatened by the horrific disharmony issuing from the instrument. Now, ahem, several years later, I'm an okay fiddle player. While this took some time commitment, I found an odd way to get around the inevitable excuses and procrastination that leads to failure.

I gave myself an "out." On days when I was feeling disinterested (read: tired), I told myself, "Self, just take the thing out of its case and play a scale." Nine times out of ten, one scale would lead to two, three and soon I would have practiced a half hour.

The New Year approaches, along with all those resolutions some of you will make. (I don't do New Year's resolutions.) If you are thinking of trying something new or creative, remember, there will never be a perfect time. Ever. So, uh, just do it.

The pseudo-inspiration blog programming is now over. Back to snark and cynicism.

Friday, again. Weren't we here last week?



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