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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Put A Bit In That Horse's Mouth

I'm good at dialogue.

Hubris? Well, maybe, but I also suck at description, so it evens out.

Yesterday, however, it just wasn't happening. Usually, I can put Regan and Talis in a room together and they start chattering. But yesterday? Oy veh, enough with the small talk:



"Nice, uh weather."

"Yeah, sunny."

"And, um, bright."

"And shiny."

Then, I realized the problem. They'd lost their funny. Sure it was a "serious" scene, but everyone, including me, was taking themselves too seriously. Added funny and dialogue got written.

Tonight's a "Lost" night, so I have to get off the web now and make words this afternoon. Writing will be interspersed with the usual dialogue with Nikster the Wonder Horse:

"Open your mouth for the bit."

"No. Yucky."

"But it's what all the happen' horses are wearing."

"Peer pressure, not."

"Okay. Two words: 'Glue factory.'"

"Empty threat. Bored."

Sigh. "Pretty please with sugar on top?"

"No sugar, cavities. Carrots, now!"

"Yes, your majesty."

If you're trapped in a mindless government job (oh, wait, Me in a past life), Girl Genius is my newest find. Probably one of the best web comics I've found so far. The creators describe it as "Gaslamp Fantasy with all the Adventure, Romance and Mad Science you can stand."

I'm not sure what "gaslamp" means but "steam punk," meaning a quasi-Victorian setting with strange (advanced) technology, describes the genre. Think China Mielville only much, much lighter.

Great graphics, especially the coloured panels. Also, a smart female protagonist, wicked barons, vicious horses, and fantastic flying machines...and Jager Monsters. Go see.

Happy Wednesday.


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