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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Call The FCC!

It's Frosty the Porn Man.

Snow nipples, what's the world coming to? What about the chiiiiiildren!

Fun linky via Ballpoint Wren. Make your own snow people and beyond. Clean versions are acceptable. Hee.

Nothing pithy going on in Nuevo Mexico. The J-man and I watched a "Lost" rerun because neither could muster the energy to pick up the remote. Pondered the zen of Locke, aka Yoda.

J-Man: He's really looks like Yoda, you know? Bald with pointy ears.
Me: I'm telling ya, he's Yoda, all with the sage advice.
J-Man: Except Yoda is short and Locke is tall.
Me: Uh-huh. Yoda is 700 years old. When Yoda was young and hale, he was at least six feet tall. Old people shrink.

I have to work on Christmas art projects and am consumed with a manuscript--almost done, wheee!--so lazy blogging.

Go make yerself a snow thing.



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