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Friday, November 18, 2005

Nosy Friday

What movie(s) have you seen so many times you've got it memorized?

Doesn't have to be a good movie. Included on my list is "Demolition Man," a dreadful movie which nonetheless amuses because of the sardonically "happy" view of the future and Wesley Snipes' delicious villain.

Also on my list:
**The Princess Bride-"Inconceivable!"
**Lord of the Rings (all three)-"Raw and wriggling"
**Master and Commander-"The lesser of two weevils"
**Pirates of the Caribbean-"...pillage my weasilly black guts out."
**Mulan--"I'm travel-sized for your convenience."

No real rhyme of reason for the above. They just happen to get picked often when we've got nothing else to watch.

The new Harry Potter is out this weekend. The question is, do I want to brave the hordes of kiddies? I always end up with a family of mouth-breathing troglodites sitting behind me.

I wasted time watching television last night--"Smallville." Got to see the preview for the new Superman movie. Meh. I've never been a fan of the Super dude; he's too good; too all-American, white-bread with no dark side; one-dimensional. Give me Wolverine or Blade or Batman anyday. Smallville has tried to give the boy of steel a bit more substance, but ultimately, despite Tom Welling's preternatural good looks, it's Lex Luthor who rocks my boat.

I like my fictional bad boys. (Married the good guy, though. I'm not stoopid.)

The end of the month and my deadline to finish The Manuscript approaches. I've got somewhere between 10-15K left. So, off I go.

Have a good weekend. Happy Friday.


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