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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Exercises in Stupidity

I watched "Surface" again last night.

Because I'm one sick puppy. For anyone with a brain, the show is like a home lobotomy. Stick a screwdriver deep in your ear and rotate it around for the same effect.

In this episode, an oceanographer with D-cup breasts, and a "gee-uh-yup" hillbilly type who probably got a D in high school science, are trapped in a homemade submersible on the ocean's floor. To save themselves, they lure one sea monster over, and it upends the vehicle. An attached, inflatable life raft zips them to the surface.

Besides the fact that the sudden change in pressure would have killed them, there's the issue of the life raft. There's no way that piddly little raft would buoy the heavy submersible.

In another scene, local officials find the body of a man killed by baby sea monsters. They pack the corpse in a a body bag, but don't zip it up. Instead they dump the body in a busy parking lot and call the coroner and a local wildlife biologist. Eh? Because everyone does autopsies in parking lots.

Where's that screwdriver?

For an exploration of real sea monsters, including a butt's eye view of a prehistoric sea monster like above, check out National Geographic's site. (Requires Flash for animation.)

I cut my hair this morning. Afterwards, I vacumed up the mess. There was this one clump of hair that would not vacuum up. I ran the machine over it, back and forth, over and over. Nothing, nada.

So I poked it with my toe and moved it around. More vacuuming; no dice. So...I pick it up. And...put it back down. Eh? More vacuuming. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Finally, I gave up. I picked up the hair, and sucked it up with a vacuum attachment.

Stupid vacuum was going to do its job if I had to open it up, rip the bag and stuff the hair in there myself.

Writing, writing, writing, today.



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