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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Lazy Blogger

Don'tcha hate it when a blogger posts a lists of links?

As though you're supposed to be fascinated by what she finds interesting. Snort.

So that's what I'm doing today. I'm always snarking about the hideous CGI covers on eBooks. Case in point, this ghastly thing to the right.

Didn't have to look long and hard ("long and hard" snerk) to find something ugly over at Ellora's Cave.

Lookie! It's living dead Barbie. Check out the her skin. "Shiny!" She leans back, appalled by hero's bad breath.

Actually I got sidetracked by the description:

Caught in a desperate situation, Kate McAllister (isn't she an author?) has two choices—either lose her virginity ASAP, or be given to a sadistic monster who prizes innocence above all else. (Above all else? Above food, money, ESPN?) Deep in a Pagan dungeon (as opposed to a Christian dungeon), a tightly bound prisoner (no loosely bound prisoners here) is the perfect man for her needs (meaning, he has a dick). Seducing a bound man is not high on her list of things to do ("laundry, shopping, take the dog to the groomers"), but she gets the job done…and finds unbelievable pleasure while she does it.

Anyhoo, in the interest of being positive here's my list of real artists, people whose artwork is filled with evocative gesture, people who can tell a story in two-dimensions:

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Lovely and graceful illustrations, alive with motion.

Enrique Fernandez
A Spanish artist, his brilliant stylized illustrations leap off the page. (Once there, click on images to zoom in.)

(Found via Bengal, another great artist [found via Guabancex Blog])

This led to a blog about animation and character design, featuring interviews with folks like Steve Gordon and examples of each artist's work. Very cool.

Jenny Dolfen.
Her original designs are wonderful, but what caught my attention was her fan art--Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Song of Ice and Fire etc. I suspect, just as many writers start by noodling around with fan fic, many artists get their start drawing their fave fictional characters.

Master of the macabe and surreal. "Leave the light on" good.

Michael Whelan.
Beyond the usual cheese of fantasy novel covers, illustration infused with life and storytelling.

Platinum Grit
Online serial (graphic novel?), now available in print. A collaborative effort, I believe the main linework is inked by Judy Cooper. Though the gallery is what first got my attention, the work throughout is notable for the nuances of expression on the characters' faces and the perfect comic timing. Quirky storylines that span genre--SF, magical realism, romantic comedy--and reference everything from pop culture to obscure elements on the periodic table of elements.

I'm sure I forgot someone... Who are your favourites?

Have a great Wednesday.

Pat K.


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