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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Better With Drugs

Stolen from a standup routine I heard on the radio...
Deep philosophical musings of someone on dope:

*Do midget gays come out of the cupboard?
*Do vegetarians feel guilty when they bite their lips?
*What did the tiger say when it chomped on Roy? (of Siegfried and..)
Tastes Grrrreat!

Somewhere an uptight mommy type is muttering. "Oh, my. She's making joke about drugs. Drugs are baaad. And she's mean. Jokes about the poor man who was attacked by the tiger. I'm taking her off my blog roll."

Any-way, I finally saw the new Harry Potter movie! I'm at work and in the interest of continued employment, my self-indulgent two-cents on the movie will come later today.

Yawn. Good morning.


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