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Friday, October 14, 2005

Stuff That Doesn't Need Inventing

In the news. Man wins the lg Nobel prize for medicine for inventing artificial dog testicles. Uh-huh, fake dog nuts. Because without them, Doggie develops the urge to go on the Oprah show and talk about his feelings.

Other Worthless Products and Services
-Braces for beavers
-Dating service for Catholic priests
-Viagra for rabbits
-Energy drinks for children
-Book: Managing a Successful Acting Career by Gary Coleman
-Fat-free doughnuts
-Fat-free anything
-Book: Ethics by Tom DeLay
-Skin cream for elephants
-Dentures for pit bulls. Now with extra gripping power!
-Body deodorant for skunks
-Book: My Brother, My Friend, The Black Man by William Bennett
-Tanning booths for vampires
-Book: The Karma Sutra, Vatican Edition (one position: missionary)
-An elixir that increases the life span of the housefly
-Breath mints for sharks
-A Lifetime T.V. Special: "Tom and Katie; Their Story, Their Words"
-Rogaine. Now formulated for the sensitive bikini area!
-A mime troop that performs for the blind
-Book: So You Wanna Be a Dictator? by Saddam Hussein
-Self-jamming printers/copiers
-Book: Humor by Pat Kirby

Huh. That's the best I could do. Think you can do better? Have at it kids.

Friday, whoo-hoo.



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