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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One Dental Plan To Rule Them All

You'd be evil too if your teeth were in this sorry state.

Ever notice how movie villains often have bad dentistry? Besides a good cleaning, Gorbag the Orc could use some orthodontics. And that comb-over, oy veh. The "Hair Club for Orcsess," perhaps?

Gone are the good old days when evil would spring for a nice mouthful of metal teeth, a la James Bond's nemesis, Jaws.

No wonder Evil has a hard time hiring and retaining good people. Good operates under the delusion that it overcame Evil. Nope. It was Evil's crappy benefits package. The 401K and profit sharing were industry standard (Enron standards, anyway), but in the absence of a decent health plan, equipment allowance (even ugly weapons are costly), and child care for the little orcs, Sauron's armies started to get a bit rebellious. What Frodo and Sam mistook as an army amassing for war was actually the beginning of organized labour in Mordor. The guys who were supposed to be guarding the volcano were off picketting Sauron's tower.

Treat your employees well, lest your tower of terror come crumbling to the ground.
(A lesson to Wal-Mart, perhaps?)


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