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Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Prattle and Nastyness

*I wash my dog with "cruelty free," "Not tested on animals" shampoo. I like the irony.

*I need to have a child, since children are the only ones who can open "Child-Proof" caps.

*Why is it, when I'm in a hurry, I always get stuck behind the woman who is applying her war paint in the car?

*Every week, car dealerships claim their prices are the "Lowest Ever!" If that were true, they'd be giving cars away by now.

*I keep running into this one blog, via surfing Blog Explosion. The blogger is always sick and detailing her medical trials and tribulations. I have a warped urge to comment, "What? You're not dead yet?" (Not anyone I would visit intentionally.)

Writing 'n stuff...
Last week, I found that I had set up a subplot early in the WIP and then had totally forgotten about it. So I did some editing, working it back in and making things stronger, faster, better. [cue "Bionic Man" music.]

Today. Like an ill wind, my mother has blown into town. Kidding. But her conference doesn't start till tomorrow, so today I'll be entertaining her. Not much writing. Will have to rest on last week's productivity laurels.

Have a good Monday.


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