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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Hack In Progress

For some reason I keep thinking today's Friday. Which means the rest of the week will be very disappointing. So I'm going with a meme via Eugie Foster

Post the first line of each of your works in progress:

*(Hallowbone Holiday, contemporary fantasy novel)-
They were easily the most horrifying creatures he had ever encountered. Clustered around him, eyes filled with predatory malice, they closed ranks and forced him back until he collided with his car. Even through the vehicle's finish and his blue jeans, he felt the disquieting burn of cold steel.

*(Pinocchio in Reverse or Accidental Pygmalion. [Keep changing the title.] Romantic contemporary fantasy)-
Snick-snick. The sound of a lock submitting to his picks, the tiny mechanical parts sliding past one another, was as familiar as his heartbeat.

On the backburner, the heat's off, and the stove might not even work...

("The Man Who Bought Darkness," short story, fantasy)-
After a journey of twenty years, Yar had reached the place of absolute darkness.

("Rags to Riches," short story, dark fantasy/horror?)-
The floorboard creaked, just as it always did. Tony froze, attention fixed on his parents' bedroom, waiting for the answer to his unspoken question.

("To Make Her Happy," short story using characters from novel)-
The top half of the device resembled a ceramic insulator on an old electrical line. The color of congealed blood, its surface reflected images from the nearby television, distorted faces blinking in and out of existence.

Paul Stevens (editor of the delightful Gil's All Fright Diner) isn't impressed by The Historian. Huh. I'm still on the waiting list from hell at the library. I usually avoid reviews of books I haven't read, but this one's getting a lot of bad blog buzz, despite the enormous advance. In a few words: too long and boring.

I'm number 58 on the library hold list for George R. R. Martin's A Feast for Crows. Way more excited about that.

Got in about 500 yesterday. Not a lot, but more than Monday. Slowly getting back on track.


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