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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Full Of Hot Air

A herd of hot air balloons floated over the house on Sunday.

A few of the highlights included the chile ristra balloon, top, and the tie-dyed balloon, middle right.

Funny wet stuff fell from the sky last night and there was a bit of a wind this morning, so only a few dozen--as opposed to hundreds--flew over today. Mother Nature gave us a lazy sky: lay down a wash of pale blue; splatter with globs of white; cover that with blue-gray, gray and dark gray spackle.

Pretty, but not the usual New Mexico technicolor sunrise.

Must do some. J-man's art show went well (he got a gate-making commission). I'm an introvert and a great actress. Acted like an extrovert--bubbly and all with shiny smiles--for seven hours on Sunday. This sucked every creative spark of energy from my brain.

Getting back on track now. Whew.

Pat K.


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