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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Adventures In Crap T.V.

Probably because I descended into the wasteland of TV yesterday, I'm totally uninspired.

Tuesday evening: The J-man whips up a tasty dinner and we plunk our butts on the couch and start eating. J-man switches on the television. "The Biggest Loser" is on.

"Oh, ugh. Whining fat people. Change it." Fine, be overweight. Love your body and all that. Just don't annoy me with weight loss sagas.

"Aw," he says in a tone dripping with sarcasm. "They're trying so hard." Large blond woman climbs on the scales. "See, she lost five pounds."

"Yay. Group hug."

He clicks the clicker: A blond, bloated, bestial Country singer is twanging, "I'm a Ford Truck Man."

"I hate that commercial." I make gagging noises. "Change it, change it, or I'll hurt you in your sleep."

J-man changes channnel. Alights on "Gilmore Girls." He sets remote down and starts eating. Stunned, I wait a few beats. "'Gilmore Girls?' I thought that show made men's dicks fall off?"

He gestures at the clock. "Only if you watch longer than ten minutes."

Rory and friend are watching a mime act out his birth. Rory says "Ew" and I concur. I point with my fork. "This is why I don't support community theater."

"Gilmore Girls" ends. I check J-man's package. All present and accounted for. Up next, "Supernatural." Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I stick around and watch. (I also read another Romance novel yesterday. I'm one sick puppy.)

This week the boys are chasing something called Bloody Mary. Must be a gringo thing. Where I'm from, we have La Llorona. She drowned her children and now she roams the banks of the Rio Grande looking for naughty children to drown. Anyway, as always, the white folks are acting stupid. 'Nother good thing about being slightly brown: a healthy sense of superstition.

If somebody tells me that saying Bloody Mary three times in front of a bathroom mirror will invoke an eye-scratching-out witch, I DON'T SAY IT. It's sort of like the old Eddie Murphy stand up routine. He's talking about Amityville. He says that black folks, when confronted with a house that says, "GET OUT!" will get the hell out. White people, heck they start redecorating. Mexicans, OTOH, will immediately call a priest and light a forest of Jesus and Mary candles. Failing that, they move.

On "Supernatural," stupid people summon a witch that looks like a cross between the things in The Ring and The Grudge. The plot was slightly stronger than the first time I watched the show and...uh...Jensen Ackles is still cute. Meh.

Got in 1000 new words and a whole-lotta revising. Feeling smug. Won't last. Pride goeth...and all that.

Happy Wednesday.


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