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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Writing With ADD

A typical unproductive morning, from seven to noon...

7 AM--Need to feed horse. Watch Spanish soap opera instead.
7:15 AM--Spanish soap opera sucks. Horse is shrieking at the house. Dogs want a walk. Keep watching Spanish soap opera.
7:30 AM--Horse is beating on fence like a guy in a prison movie. Feed horse. Walk dogs.
8:00 AM--Get a cup of tea. Sit at desk. Breakfast, d'uh. Get breakfast.
8:15 AM--Turn on computer. Write a hundred words.
8:45 AM--Switch to pop station on XM radio. Note that Britney Spears sounds like a goat. A tone-deaf goat.
8:47 AM--Change station to comedy. Learn new euphemism for flaccid penis: "mud turtle."
9 AM--Write a couple hundred more words.
9:30 AM--Keyboard is dirty. Turn it upside-down and shake out crumbs.
9:32 AM--Crumbs all over desk.
9:33 AM-- .. .. .. ?
9:35 AM--Brush crumbs off desk, then summon Rat Dog to deal with crumbs.
9:40 AM--Rat Dog curls up on her little bed.
9:45 AM--Notice that Rat Dog is adorable. Stop to make goo-goo noises and squeeze her.
9:47 AM--Rat Dog leaves office.
9:47 AM--Humph.
9:50 AM--Go retrieve Rat Dog from living room where she has fled.
10 AM--Delete stuff written at 9:00 AM.
10:30 AM--Need a nap.
11 AM--Replace delete words with pretty much the same crap that was deleted.
11:15 AM--Notice that toenails are turning into claws. Go clip toenails.
11:20 AM--While in bathroom, notice the left eyebrow is archy-er than right. Get out tweezers.
11:25 AM--Blast! Now left eyebrow is archy-er than right.
11:30 AM--Left eyebrow is skinnier than right.
11:31 AM-- .. .. .. !
11:32 AM--Oh, God. Never. Leaving. House. Again.
11:40 AM--Fun with Sharpie indelible pen. Look like Spock.
11:45 AM--Back at desk. Toying with hair. Hmmm. This bit is longer than the rest.
11:46 AM--Back to bathroom. Get scissors.
11:50 AM--Yeah. You know where this is going. Stop me next time, huh?
11:59 AM--Aaaiiiiyyyy!
12 NOON--Hats are good, no?


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