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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Silly Angolans, Angst Is For SUV Drivers

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Yesterday, while surfing blogs, I came across one site where people could post their..."nightmare" and "horror" stories from the gas pump.

Oh, me-oh-my, I've been so shortsighted. So smug with my Korean econo-box, never for one instant feeling that Escalade driver's pain. The shame, the shame. The sacrifices Joe Suburban must make; a regular coffee rather than his usual frappuccino at Starbucks.

Where are the Live Aid folks, so consumed with hungry people, when we've got people taking out loans to fill their Humvees? And all that selfish kvetching about the sudden expansion of lakefront property in New Orleans. All while Security Mom and her fully tricked out Expedition must wait in line for petrol. Oh, the humanity. It's fine time for Gas Aid 2005.

And get a load of this selfish lot. Residents of Luanda, Angola are pissing and moaning because they have to pay exorbitant prices for clean drinking water. Water, for Cripes sake. Not like you really need water, huh?

"We haven't had water ... for months and months," said 25-year-old Roberto Nunes, a resident in the Prenda neighbourhood. "We buy jerry cans and sometimes big tanks of water - which we joke is more expensive than oil, but it's not really funny."

Yeah, bub, it's really not funny. We've got middle class people suffering over here! Security Moms who must choose between the cell phone or satellite TV access.

Of course many Luandans live in cardboard shacks and would sell their right nut to get their children a quality education...but what do they know of the Agony of Bling?

Donations for beleaguered SUV drivers will be accepted at this blog. Yeah, I'll see that they get what they deserve...right. You betcha.

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Note: This is what happens when you watch something besides Fox News or MSNBC. Sometimes you learn there's a world out there.


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