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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Selling Crap On The Radio

There are no commercials on the music stations on my XM radio, but the comedy channel has a few. A sampling:

AD ONE: We've all had this problem. Falling asleep on a long drive or in a boring meeting. Now there's a cure. Hypnotism. Hypnotize yourself awake. Right.

AD TWO: An earnest sounding woman hawks a miracle, drug-free cure for depression. She's done her research. "Depression makes you sad," she says. Get that? "Depression makes you sad."

And buying her self-help program will make you poor and sad.

AD THREE: How to sell a law breaking device. Make it about safety.

You're driving when suddenly your spiffy radar detector goes off. "Oh my, I'm speeding." You slow down to a safe speed and wave at the nice policeman as you drive by. See, radar detectors save lives.

And silencers on guns prevent deafness.

On The XM...
Christian rock station. Why? Because I can't understand the lyrics anyway and the music is okay. When I hit a group I understand, I'm heading over to the World Music station.

Spit out about 900 on the page yesterday. Monday, yeck.

Usual writing process. Cruise along, building story. Kuh-chunk. Hit a plot-hole. Curse. Get out, and fill hole with bullshit. Forge ahead.

Happy Tuesday.

Pat K.


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