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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Random Fluff

My New Religion...
Has cool games.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Seybold...
Okay book, but disturbing. Not because of the murder. No. The whole "the dead looking down from heaven on the living" thing totally squicked me out. Is this true? Shit. Grandma watching you when you think you're home alone...doin'...stuff.

I can just hear her, in her screechy old lady voice, "I knew she wasn't right in the head. Look at her, look at her!" Nudges Ghandi.

Ghandi pulls a face and says, "Doesn't that cause blindness?"

Educational Radio...
Something I learned while listening to XM Comedy Station. A new euphemism for masturbate: "Glaze a knuckle."

Refugee, refugee, REFUGEE....
Perfectly good word for displaced human beings everywhere else in the world, but not good enough for Americans?

The word -- suffused with a powerful humanity and history not found in clinical words such as evacuees -- screams out unequivocally that people do need our help.

Folks who wrangle over the word, to borrow from Shakespeare, turn trifles into tragedies in the face of the real big tragedy.

God, I hate political correctness. Here's some more anti-political correctness: Retarded midgets should be allowed to park in handicapped parking spots. (In the good old days, I'd follow up with, "Give it a try. Annoy a liberal." Except, nowadays, I'm apparently a liberal. Go figure.)

Words of Wisdom...
You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
~Steven Wright

Rather good output for a Wednesday--about 800 words. Modern Magic anthology release has been delayed until January/February of next year, as publisher is wants to do more marketing. The good news is that Kelley Armstrong did write the introduction.

Losing creative steam, will probably refresh with web comics...latest addiction. Hey, it beats crack, no?

Hasta luego,



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