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Monday, September 19, 2005

Insert Tab-A Into Slot-B

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I was editing a sex scene yesterday and thinking about my ambivalence toward them. Let me clarify: I lurves a great sex scene. But "great" means singular (as opposed to a novel-length fuck-fest) and the culmination of a chase. Basically, I like sexual tension, almost, but not entirely preferring it to "the scene."

In [romantic] fiction, big happy withheld is like foreplay. Pop the sexual tension bubble too early, and I've got no reason to read. Granted, this can be overcome with great characterization, something I've encountered in few romances. Usually the relationship is an exercise in "He's hot; she's hot" without any real [read: adult] reason why the two should be together.

The characters in the Book I Hated were going at it by page ten. After having sex on every available surface in her apartment, they repeated their performance at his house. Sex, sex, squeak, squeak. It was like porn, but not as funny fun funny.

What reason would I have to read on?

"Because the hero is sooo hot and he's tortured. Don't you want to know if he finds happiness?"

Right. He seemed pretty damned "happy" to me. Happy on the kitchen counter; on the couch; the bed....

When I was twelve, I didn't care where the sex happened as long as it happened. Oh, so that's how it's done? Huh. Boy was I in for some disappointment later: Ow! You're on my hair. The seat belt's jabbing me in the ass.

I've been married more than a decade. Sex isn't a mystery and it's available as long as my man is in the building. My stroke value now comes from the thrill of the chase, followed by a big, "Oh, yeah, hand me a cigarette" scene toward the end of the story.

My current Work in Progress is first person (in a voice admittedly a lot like my blog voice). Some readers have suggested a similarity between my style and A Certain contemporary/paranormal fantasy author. Said author sells like hotcakes, so I should be flattered. Instead, I'm insulted. IMO that author substitutes sex for plot and characterization. Her latest series is pretty much Our Bodies, Ourselves for elves and fairies. (And a Mary Sue-Every-Man-Loves-Me wank-a-thon.)

My ongoing project has a couple of sex scenes, but if wall-to-wall sex is all that sells...then I'm, er, screwed.

[whine over]


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