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Friday, September 23, 2005

Going To The Movies

I'm an underwater slum lord.

The aquariums haven't been cleaned in three weeks. The fish are picketing, carrying little signs that say: "Unsafe Living Conditions. Where's FEMA?" Too bad they aren't Sea Monkeys. I could flush 'em. (Kidding.)

Any-way, movies. I want to see "Corpse Bride." I love, love, love "Nightmare Before Christmas," although Tim Burton's also made some stinkers--"Planet of the Apes" was worse than the crap at the bottom of my aquariums.

Trouble is, it's a kid's movie. Nope, no shame at seeing a kid's movie. I own several (movies, not kids). But opening weekend means a theater full of children. I like children (with salsa). Seriously, though, they suck in movie theaters. And whine, and moan, and cry and talk. Noisy little buggers.

So we could put it off until next weekend. Except, "Serenity" comes out next weekend.

Oh, the decisions, the agony. It's like "Sophie's Choice."

I've got everything set up, the first two thirds of Book Two is written. At this point, the protagonists are sure who the bad guy is, but, are in a position where no one else will believe them. So they have to engineer a sort of sting operation. I've never written anything like this before, because...I'm not very clever. I don't know if I'll do much new writing, since I will be planning and scheming.

Blah, blah, boring...outta snark...
Have a great weekend.

Pat Kirby


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