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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Accidental Racist

This morning, while matchmaking the giant pile of socks in the clean hamper, I said:

"I like the coloured socks. They're so easy to segregate."

J-man smirks and says, "You're such a racist."

Hmmm. Further burying myself, I said, "Yeah, well, the white ones all look alike."

I broke down and talked to my husband about my work in progress. Long story, but I have a major hangup, and can't even handle him reading my finished work. (Two years ago, I wouldn't let anyone see my writing.)

But my man is clever. So I forced through my discomfort and told him about the storyline. The result? He helped expose a major emotional/character issue I should exploit; work out a stronger motivation for the antagonist; and work out the "sting" part of my endgame.

This means some revision of early chapters, but only enough to support later chapters. Hard revision happens after the first draft is done. Since my "magic" systems are always filtered through science, I've gotta pull out my Fluid Mechanics book and work out the final plot device.

Brain all buzzy.



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