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Friday, August 05, 2005

Writing Without A Parachute

I'm all a-twitter.

After months of avoidance, I finally sat ass in chair and sorted out my Big Bad's (BB) motives and "plan." After writing about a third of the damned manuscript. Now any of the lucky folks who actually outline/synopsize before writing will find this odd. "Lucky" because it is the wise approach.

Not me. I drop out of the airplane, loving the freefall, ignoring the approaching ground, for at least 30K words.

"Weee! I'm flying."

, mutters The Voice, But the ground is--

"Not now. Flying! Like a birdy." Only at the last minute, just before the Point of No Return [cue Phantom of the Opera sound track], I pull the cord and figure out Wazzup? with the antagonist.

Okay, so I do start with a vague idea of who BB is and what will happen. My inability to do detailed planning before I get a tens of thousands of words on the page might be a function of an artistic (autistic?) mind. It usually takes several drawings before I "find" the true form of a subject. Writing seems to progress in a similar manner. Drop the characters on the page and let stuff happen. Most of the early stuff evolves (no Intelligent Design, heh) into inciting incident(s).

Anyway, I ran through the usual stream of consciousness exercise. Asking/typing questions (this adding up to my daily 1000 words) until the I hit the right question. And then I answer, expand the answer, and voila...Monsieur/Madame Big Bad has motive and goal. With a little more work, I find that BB's attempts have been accidentally twarted not once (as I thought), but twice. BB is getting rather...peeved.

Dance Spidey, dance.

Punctuation Is Nice...
Yes, I'm sure your Mom said it was a fantastic story. And your little girly friends said, "Oh, neat. Write more." But get somebody else to look at it before you torture an editor with it. Because editors are getting cheesed off.

So what does "ready for publication" mean? Basically it's a manuscript that is nearly free of misspellings, grammatical faux paws, formatting mistakes, and blatant contradictions in style and plot. In other words, it's a manuscript that has been carefully edited, usually several times, and hopefully at least once by someone qualified as an editor, or a good first reader.

Fun With Query Letters...
Ms. Snark, literary agent, does her thing with query letters. Linky, link, link, link

Queries letters, for the sane who don't do the writing thing, are the sad vehicles that writers use to try and entice some unsuspecting agent/editor to read our manuscript.

Cthulu or Flying Spagetti Monster? Same Diff...
Because I've got ID between my teeth* and am hanging on. Grrrr. (They used to call me Pit Bull Kirby at the City job.) Cute criticism of fundie wackyness.

Quit trying to feel superior to others by beating us with your interpretation of the Bible. Find another way to get some self-esteem.
*Nothin' some dental floss wouldn't cure.

Because It's Friday...
And there's a world of important issues out there, I give you Spiderman reviewing crayons.

Look folks, it's obvious: "Black" is the crayon you just can't do without. It's your outline, the heart of your vision come to life...it's black! I'll never understand why Crayola doesn't shove three or four of these in each box. People would probably donate children to them if they did that. Then Crayola can work them like dogs.

(OMG! Water is falling from the sky! From the sky, I tell you. It must be the End Times or something. Nikster the wonder horse is terrified and hiding under his porch.)



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