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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well, Heck

(Thar's a hummingbird somewhere in there.)

We've gone and joined the rest of the plugged-in world. (No, Mom, sorry. I still don't have a cell phone.)

I'm now free of the "Buy now or your head will exploded!" car adverts. The J-man got me one of those satellite radio thingies. No more sanitized-for-Security-Mom-ClearChannel versions of songs. J-man got me set up to listen in my office and in my little P.O.S. car. So in addition to Ms. I'm-Talking-And-I-Can't-Shut-Up, now you will be joined on the road by Me, 68-Channels-Why's-There-Nothin'-To-Listen-To?

We settled on this instead of an iPod, figuring after the cost of downloading songs, followed by rehab to deal with my ensuing downloading addiction, the monthly fee was cheeper.

What I won't be listening to: Contemporary country, jazz, and sports. Everything else is fair game. The comedy station is pretty good for getting my funny on.

To pay for this the Greyhound is going back to racing and I'm enrolling Rat Dog in bomb sniffing dog training. (via ALP)

Sunday Morning T.V...As Usual...
This week, Kevin Trudeau, Natural Cures the Government/Big brother/Your mother doesn't want you to know about, snake oil guy is hawking his book. Sad thing is, he has a point about big drug companies. But he's still a quack. Buy now and get his next book--"Not written, but available on CD*"--on CD. He claims he can't show the real cover on T.V. (Why? Is Janet Jackson's tit on the cover?) So the cover has "Weight Loss Secrets" printed in Arial font on a white background. Wow! Took a lot of effort to design that puppy in Word.

(*Uh, I think you mean "Not printed." Dickwad.)

Meanwhile on PBS, a shady, self-help guru (Dr. Wayne Dyer) is begging for cash for public T.V. I like PBS, but eesh. Credibility, not. This guy spouts crap like: "Through creative self-actualization and subductive emotional visualization, you can achieve true spirit-body unity." Talk about tossed-word-salad. He manages to do a lot of talking and say absolutely nothing. His audience--mostly white and burdened with too much disposable income--nods and watches him in awe.

Dear PBS: Show "Oklahoma" with Hugh Jackman signing his ass off, and I'll send you money.

Anyhoo, off to write. Have a great Sunday.



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