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Monday, August 08, 2005

Wack A Troll

There's no point in engaging in troll wars when you can eviscerate them on your blog.

Anyway, I ran into this posting regarding James Dobson, self-appointed advocate for...hell, I don't know. One under-bridge-living commentor rose to Dobson's defense. I'm calling him/her Dobson's Fan Girl (DFG). Naturally, there is poisonous spittle a-plenty hitting the screen as DFG lets loose, railing against a society that wants the right to:

...dissolve traditional marriage (you know, the kind where all the parts actually fit and produce?),

Really? Is that the definition of marriage: parts and production? So infertile hetero couples aren't in traditional marriages? What about married folks who, because of medical issues--there are some things Viagra can't cure--can't have penis-in-vagina sex? And one supposes that adoptive parents can't be in traditional marriages since they only "raise" children, but don't "produce" them. Production counts, eh? Bummer, because the J-man and I have mastered "parts" but alas, no "produce."

Right. I'm missing the point. It's about The Gays. Because they are Eeevil. Responsible for everything from the fall of western civilization to the disappearance of all my socks' mates. (Lured to a homosexual lifestyle, not doubt. Naughty, naughty socks.)

DFG also credits Dobson for getting her shit together.

At a time when no one else seemed to be able to give me any direction in straightening out my family and setting things right, he did. I will never be able to thank him enough for the positive changes he brought to our lives.

Nary a mention of Jesus or God. What's that noise? The crack of a breaking Commandment: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me...especially James Dobson."

I have ranted...now go make the ultimate paper airplane. (via Paperback Writer.)


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