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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stupid Stuff

Hairy vs. smooth men?

The "call-in" question on morning T.V. show. The majority of women seem to prefer their men a little on the furry side. Always bucking the trend, I prefer men that are a little higher on the evolutionary ladder, less like the Missing Link.

It's bad enough with two dogs: imagine adding a really hairy man to the mix? "Honey, who dumped all this hair in the bed?" Him: "It was the dog."

On the other hand, what about men who shave everywhere, like bodybuilders or cyclists? At first glance, it could be a good idea. Until they forget to shave. All over stubble. Sex with a Brillo pad, ouch.

As if a hurricane isn't bad enough, now Louisiana and Mississippi are being hit by the media. This morning, the major network news programs were dominated by "news" of the aftermath of Katrina. Not really "news," because it isn't all the informative. Just a search for the worst of the worst:

Reporter: Eighty people are dead.
News director: That's all?
Reporter: Sorry. But I've got interviews lined up with the grieving families and hours of terrific footage of ruined buildings.
News director: Excellent. Put out a call for eyewitness home video, something we can replay over and over anytime we need filler material. Shots of floating bodies on the flood waters would great.
Reporter: I'm on it boss.

On the XM...
Spirit, gospel station. Some odd lyrics, therein. One singer talks about "magnifying" the Lord. Tiny God? In another the singer is imploring the Lord to hide him. Praise song for folks in the witness protection program?

Spent a couple of days slogging through a sticky block on a new scene. [Palm to forehead slap] Finally realized the problem--a new character who I know nothing about. I should know better. A character that is little more than a name and I expect to be able to put together a scene around this cardboard cutout? Really, now, Kirby.


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