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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stupid People Tricks

In other words, breeding your dog.

I ran into a blog yesterday where the writer was carrying on about her dog's first period. As though it were...I dunno, cute? Ugh. First, dogs don't have periods, at least not in the sense that humans do. But the question that ran through my head was, "Why the heck doesn't she get her dog spayed?" She has a couple of human children, so it would seem she has enough experience with pregnancy and birth. Perusing the comments, I saw a few people that asked the same thing. (Sadly, the majority just gurgled stupidly about how cute it was that a dog got a period.)

She never responded to the question. She said she got that particular breed (bulldog) because of its temperment. Fine. But why does she need to breed the poor thing? Bulldogs are known for having very difficult births.

I suspect she either thinks doggie needs The Sex or she thinks she'll make money off the puppies. Or worse yet, she wants her children to experience the miracle of birth. (New canine mothers can be aggressive. Your child may end up getting bitten.) All three are stupid reasons to breed your dog.

Breeding animals is a lot like writing fiction. You do it because you love it, not for the money. The only operations that make money are puppy mills, which churn out poorly bred and often sick puppies. Don't believe me? Here's are a few examples of the cost of properly raising a litter of pups:

Boxer Puppies.--$7440.00


Sometimes things go very, very wrong.

Cute puppy pictures and more reality.

And keeping a stud dog isn't any easier.

Handling a stud is not easy. What will you do if there are problems? Dogs don't always just "know what to do". Are you prepared to keep the bitch in heat at your home for a week? Some females are, well, "bitchy" and your male can get bitten...or he might bite that valuable dog someone else owns (can you say lawsuit?) Also realize that many bitch owners see you as the "expert"...will you be able to answer their questions about whelping...at 3 in the morning? And if the breeding doesn't take, the bitch's owner will want a repeat breeding, and another, and another...

Serious breeders are dedicated to improving the breed. Backyard breeders are not.

Responsible breeders are lucky if they break even when they sell puppies. Responsible breeders breed to improve a breed of dog, not to make money. The costs of tests alone to see if a dog is healthy to breed can cost more than what is recouped when puppies are sold. A responsible breeder breeds to improve the breed in looks, temperament, working ability and other areas. They do not breed to make puppies for retail sale.

Spaying or neutering your pet is cheaper and much safer than breeding. Just because you have a purebred bitch and your cousin Eddie has a purebred dog, doesn't mean either animal should be bred.

Here's a good comparison of Reputable vs. Backyard (not-reputable) breeders. Keep in mind, an animal purchased from a backyard breeder may look all right, but might have serious physical or behavioral (genetic) problems.

The blogger mentioned at the beginning of this posting would do better to show her children what a responsible pet owner does:

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