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Friday, August 05, 2005

Stealth Sucks

According to this reviewer.

On seeing the preview in the theater, my J-man leaned over and whispered "Cliche" in my ear. J-man is a cliche-loving kind of guy and I does love my cliche-loving man. So for him to bandy the "c" word about in such a negative manner suggests that Stealth is cliche gone bad. Like the milk in the back of the fridge.

Me thinks Stealth is a renter, barely.

via Guanbancex Blog

There's Not Enough Money...
Oh, wait. I'm a ho. Pay me enough, I'll do almost anything. But it would take a tidy chunk of change to get me to watch The Dukes of Hazzard. Jessica Simpson is a better purgative than a finger down the throat. And what is up with the ugly mo-fos who play Bo and Luke Duke? Heck, like any pre-adolescent girl of the time, I lurved the T.V. versions. These two are authentic rednecks as in fugly. If I wanted that degree of authenticity, I'd attend family reunions.

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