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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Space Shuttle Is Brought To You By

Science and theories.

Anyhow, Discovery's back on Earth safe and sound. Here's some info on the crew.

Two women, including Commander Eileen Collins were on the flight. Both initiated their careers with degrees in science and military service.

Commander Eileen Collins

"My family never had the money to pay for flying lessons or…even a ride in an airplane," she said. "My desire to fly just continued to build."

Collins turned to books on vintage gliders built by the winged Wright brothers to fighter planes in Vietnam, World War I and II, which fueled her aviation passion but also sharpened her knowledge of flight. At age 16, she began working and saving her earnings, which would – three years later – help establish her piloting future. "I had saved up $1,000, and I took that to my local airport, at age 19," Collins said. "I asked them to teach me how to fly."

Mission Specialist Wendy Lawrence

Deemed a naval aviator in 1982, Lawrence has flown more than 1,500 hours in six different types of helicopters and has made more than 800 shipboard landings.

Ten years later, she was selected out of the nation's top aviators by NASA to fly aboard the highest-flying aircraft around: the Space Shuttle. Lawrence reported to the Johnson Space Center in the summer of 1992, where she completed a year of flight training and qualified as a mission specialist.

Of course this asshat would argue that both shouldn't have the right to serve their country and explore space. (I believe this is the same twit who was chosen as a Nebula juror. A big reason for my disinterest in SFWA and the Nebulas. His views aren't reflective of the organization, but ee-yuck, anyway.)

via Stephanie Schulte

Hurray for Science! Hurray for women in all professions (including all ya'll stay-at-home moms.)

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