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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Slump Day

Staggered out of bed this A.M. Got in the shower. Did my thing. Turned off water. And then realized I hadn't washed my hair. Argh.

It's gonna be one of those days.

What If...
You leave your passport in your jeans and your dumbass wife (me), washes and drys it? (J-man has the cleanest wallet in town.) E-chipped passports probably don't stand up well to being laundered.

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Cute White Girl...
Arubans aren't obsessively captivated by Natalie What's Her Name's story.

via The Right to Remain Silent

Cute Irreverant Fun...
Military Rules

And Science is Fascism...
According to Bill The Mouth That Bored O'Reilly.

All beliefs should be respected. But the science folks say the intelligent design doesn't belong in schools.

Science folks say ID doesn't belong in science classrooms. Um, dumbass just proves my point. ID is a "belief" and as such doesn't belong in the land of scientific theories.

It would be wrong to teach Genesis in a science class, that's for a theology course. But it is equally wrong to ignore the fact that evolution is not a universal belief.

Yes, Senor Cabeza de Burro's Butt, you are correct. Evolution is not a "belief." It's...wait for it...A THEORY. Theories are part of the body of science.

I see stupid people.

Hasta Luego,

Pat Kirby


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