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Monday, August 29, 2005


Attack of the snot monkeys.

What's a snot monkey? A while ago, the J-man and me were having the sort of conversation that couples do--mindless. He was teasing me about my monkey phobia. Snakes, spiders, no problem. Monkeys? Hate the little shit-fling beasties.

The conversation had been prompted by a T.V. advert featuring a sock monkey. I tried to express my revulsion for the stuffed toy and it came out, "I hate snot monkeys!"

"What's a snot monkey?" snickered J-man.

At a loss, I looked around. Thanks to year round allergies, there is always a used tissue at hand. I scooped it up and tossed it at him. "This. This is a snot monkey."

Yesterday, we both had a King Kong-sized (theme deviation: ape, not monkey, I know) allergy attack.. It's a wonder we aren't dried-out mummies considering how much water we lost through snot. Anyway, we spent the evening fighting over a box of tissues.

A mighty snot monkey army is crammed in the trash, the topmost "monkeys" trying to flee by climbing over the booger-crusted bodies of their buddies.

Speaking of King Kong...
I'm intrigued. Besides, I've got a warped thing for Adrien Brody. That freakish long face and those long, down-turned eyes make me weak in the knees.

Good thing about New Mexico. Nothin' ever happens here, 'least not weather. (Poverty, drunk drivers, OTOH...) Can't imagine having to pack up and evacuate. Especially, since that would include transportation for a horse.

From Black Gate got "...liked this one. It was fast-paced and well written...but not as original as I'd like." (I think he says that to everyone, heh.) When I found this in the mailbox, I was flummoxed. I'd sent a story via email a couple of months ago. Why the snail mail reject? Oh, because it was for the story I'd long assumed had been lost in the mail (or the reject was lost), submitted in June 2004. The editor apologized for taking so long, saying it was "inexcusable" to hang on to it so long.

I had gotten a little perturbed about the lack of response, mostly because I wanted to know where my bloody SASE had gone. Glad I got over it and already shipped something new to the market. Black Gate is one of the few markets that I actually like to read.

Did a few hundred words on the novel yesterday. Should do a critique. Should, probably won't.
"If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing." ~Kingsley Amis
Anyway, Bob the Angry Flower has an important message.


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