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Friday, August 12, 2005


Feminist blog surfing today...

Big Fucking Deal...
Seriously. Who gives a shit? With so many real women's issues at stake, this is on the scale of microInequity (heh). Face it, the majority of people getting cosmetic plastic surgery are people of some means. Hey, I'd love to get a nose job. Ain't happening. Gotta put food on the table and hay in the barn. Boo-hoo, rich ladies getting taxed.

Padlocked Crown Jewels...
Interesting analogy. Anyway, my mind starts working on the original story. Can you imagine being the locksmith who had to remove a lock from another man's berries?

A Classy Way To Deal With WingNuttery...
When in Rome, don't do as Romans do. Ignore the jackasses and actually help people.

Nice Posting...
On Friends.

Are You A Parent? What Do You Know...?
I know I'm a grownup and wouldn't be embarrassed to speak with my child about sex. Birth control is a resonable topic of conversation when the child has hit puberty and hormones are running wild. Sticking your head in the sand and singing--"Jesus loves me, this I know"--will not give your child the tools to make the right decision(s) about sex.

Ah, Texas Logic...
So glad I'm not a Texan anymore. Gay cooties. Eep!

Birth Control Leads To Promiscuity...
Right. And seat belts lead to reckless driving.

Here's what birth contol actually leads to:
-Fewer abortions. Hard to abort if there is no pregnancy.
-Happier healthier families.
-The ability to have sex in a monogomous relationship without constantly producing children that are beyond the couple's means. (See happier, healthier families.)
-Some birth control (condoms) leads to a decreased incidence of STDs. (Oh, wait, that's God's punishment for The Sex, right?)
-The ability of young women to finish their educations, rather than having children that would be a burden to society. (Cuz we all know the Right doesn't like welfare.)

The Sex happens. Birth control or not.

Cute Toonage...
Linky via Shakespeare's Sister.

And Finally...
Well sure, the plumbing is rather complex. But is "being female" the cause of...everything? (Men, don't answer that. Heh.)

Here's a confession. I'm not one of the masses who is terrified that one day my breasts will betray me and go all cancerous. Not saying it's not possible. Just not buying the notion that "Watch out people, these babies, they are about to blow!" (I'm quite certain heart disease has my number. Ticker doesn't work that well now. A few more decades of ice cream before bed and Kapow!) Nope, I don't even do the monthly feel-up in the shower. Gasp. Kirby the Infidel. What-ever. Confess that to some women, and you'd think I'd said I eat babies.

The point isn't that one should be as cavalier as me. Just that being woman isn't a disease. (Tho' sometimes it's messy.)

Have a great Friday,

Pat K.


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