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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sex Doesn't Sell

American movie producers are shying away from the naked mambo.

Huh. Not surprising in the country where the security moms thought their sons (and daughters?) were damaged for life by the sight of a black woman's nipple. (If the mothers of America made as much of a stink about the sorry state of our schools, kids might actually...get a quality education.)

On the other hand, none of my favourite movies have much sex in them, and certainly nothing "graphic." So sex isn't an important part of my movie-going experience.

But my ambivalence puts me in the Nipple-Fearing ninny camp; definitely someplace I don't want to visit. What I find more annoying is the fact that Security Mom isn't all that concerned with violence, vulgarity or language; just The Sex. She also isn't able to make her own decisions over what constitutes "offensive" and requires Wal-Mart's help:

Wal-Mart's main concern with the content of the DVDs is that they not offend important customers—especially mothers—by containing material that may be inappropriate for children. It guards against this risk with a "decency policy" that consigns DVDs containing sexually related nudity to "adult sections" of the store, which greatly reduces their sales. (Wal-Mart is less concerned with vulgar behavior and language.)

Dear Security Mom. Ten minutes on the "Internets" will tell you all you need to know about a movie's content and suitability for family viewing. Personal responsibility, much?

via Covington.


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