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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Randomize, Reading, Writing n' Stuff

An interesting idea...
Why Not Test Market Book Covers? Yeah, why not? I know there are a few people out there who claim a cover has nothing to do with their purchase. Okay, but what gets you to pick the book up in the first place?

Torturing Self-Publishers...
Self-Publisher Spam Story (pdf)-- $500, to be published, eh? For 500 bucks, I can get a new laptop. If I really want someone to read my stories, I can plunk them on this blog (for free). And chase off all three of my blog readers. [grin]

Zombie Survivor Test...
Linky My result:
You made it. Barely.
Congratulations! You scored 59%!
Whether it was the fact that you could run faster, or were just plain lucky, you made it out alive. Even you aren't sure why. But you're sure as hell not going back, or risking your ass for anyone else from now on. (Funny, I felt that way just after graduating high school.)

Is Fiction Getting Sucky-er?
Australian fiction in particular, but I guess could be applied to any. Probably depends on your definition of "good" or "crap." I'm not a fan of short fiction, as evidenced by my experience with Cemetary Dance, below.

Finished the Best of Cemetary Dance anthology. Some great stories therein, but overall, not impressed. Sorry. One of the stories felt more like a backstory for the author's novels. Another had plot holes you could drive a tanker through; a protagonist that made huge leaps of logic out of next to nothing. It also felt like a warmup to a novel, rather than a real story. (If it had run through Critters, I would have eviscerated it.) In the majority, bad stuff happened to all kinds of people, and I just didn't care. Some squickyness, but not much suspense.

I expected much more from a "Best of.." collection.

Next: Dead to the World, Charlaine Harris.

Aiming for another 1000 today. Fingers crossed.

May the Flying Spagetti Monster Bless You and Touch You With His Noodly Appendages,

Pat Kirby


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