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Thursday, August 11, 2005

On Writing

Got a zoom-zoom rejection--about two months-from Realms. A bit of improvement over the last sub to that market. This time the famous Blue Form of Death, but the slush reader scribbled "Keep Trying" (through an obvious case of writer's cramp) on the back. And no subscription card.

Last time, seven month wait, BFOD, no note and a sub card. I understand why they include the subscription card--gotta sell magazines and writers "should" be readers--but it still sends the inintentional message: "You suck, but buy our magazine anyway." Hee.

(F&SF seems to be taking a different tact: compiling an address list from submitters. A couple days after getting a reject from F&SF, I got a "sign up now for a year's sub and get a free magazine" card from them. Sorry guys. All my magazine subscriptions are subsidized by the parents.)

Anyway, I hope Realms did away with the whole online submissions tracking thing. It struck me as something one of the bureaucrats I've work for would cook up: "We're five years behind. Instead of catching up, let's add more complexity to the process."

No new prose, but the outlining/plotting process is going swimmingly. Sorted out Talis the dark elf's subplot, wrapped it around and duct-taped it to the main plot. Plan coming together, yep.

Take heart, cubicle dwellers. Friday's almost here.

Pat K.


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