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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No Envy

I've never wanted to be blond and blue-eyed.

I've envied a college friend's--waves to Christi--gorgeous red mane, but the whole Aryan princess thing's never done it for me. Perhaps it's the association of mental weakness with blondness--Jessica Simpson or Brittany Spears. Or maybe it's because a lot of the blonds I've known aren't all the beautiful. They're just blond.

If I have to be something else, I'd far rather be feisty chocolate like Jada Pickett or have the Asian allure of Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Or the "I don't like women, but day-yum" hotness that is Angela Jolie.

The real me is a smallish, dark-haired and darker-eyed, brownish woman. That is, what little sun I get easily cooks me up a tan.

The coolest thing about not being blond is my racial ambiguity. In Hispanic dominated El Paso, people assume I must be Mexican. But in very segregated Walla Walla, Washington, the combination of an Anglo last name and lack of any other discernable cultural traits, I was a gringo.

There's a kind of warped power in making people who need to pigeon-hole others, "work for it." Especially if they are like this character. (via Paperback Writer) Of course, even if he decided I was a Mayan princess, I guess my writing--chick-litty contemporary fantasy--would get me scratched off his lit-snob Christmas list.

Blonds have more fun? I think not.

Pat K.


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