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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mystery Revealed

Ten Things You Don't Know About Women...
According to SuChin Pak, MTV News Correspondent (September 2005 Esquire.)

Actually...not all ten, just the ones that amuse.

2. When we say, "Just tell me the truth. I won't get mad," we're totally lying.
3. If you won't hold our hands in public, we won't blow you in private.
6. Cologne is for frat boys. Showers are for men.
9. Nothing is less sexy than a man who counts his carbs. Skip the gym and work it out in bed.
10. If we have to ask for it, go fuck yourself.
Esquire is like any other modern magazine. More ads than articles. But the ads have pictures of very yummy men.

Cute Quote...
"Never ever steal from a drag queen. She will hunt you down and make you pay, and she'll look fabulous the whole time she's doing it."
Denver drag queen Nuclia Waste, who called police after stopping two teens for allegedly stealing her Vespa scooter--painted "glowing green" with hot-pink flames--from her garage.

Newsweek, August 15, 2005, "Perspectives"

I'd think the paint job would be a theft deterrent...

Still in Migraine hell. Yesterday, in rush hour traffic, started to wish I had barf bags in the car.

Had a productive chat with Kristin. But no writing. Today. If I can find a dark enough hole to crawl into, me and laptop will try to crank out a few hundred words. I wanna write. I wanna take my horse for a ride. I hate this whiny-ass, "I'm siiiick" crap.



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