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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Me, Moi, Yo

I need to do laundry. I'm out of underwear.

All I have left are the two kinky pairs with quick-release plastic snaps on the sides. (Purchased in college.) "Like new, rarely worn" because they unsnap when I bend over, or sit down, or...breathe.

The laundry situation is ridiculous. It's not like I live in an apartment with no laundry facilities. Current excuse for undone laundry: "It's too hot in the garage." (Where the washer/dryer live.)

Note to self: Before washing clothes, remove tissues from pockets. Otherwise, multilated snot monkeys will coat interior of dryer.

Other Stuff...
The Rat Dog is snoozing on the bed, looking huggable. What'd ya bet she pukes on my pillow?

Sexy Man List...
Includes The Hugh, sigh. John Cusask, double sigh. Will Smith, more sighs.

On the XM...
Unsigned artists station. Some of the so-called "unsigned" are better than those with record deals.

Got in the daily thousand. Sorted out character issue (well, not me, I still have no character whatsoever). Words then happened.



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