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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Like M*A*S*H

Maudlin, snarky, maudlin, snarky...

I only know Ms. Viehl through her novels and blog. I'm not privy to the circumstances leading up to the murders or her son's situation.

But I'll say this. While, assuming you have health insurance, one can usually get a prescription for Zoloft, and a half-hour chat session with a shrink, getting care and support for complicated mental illness like pschizophrenia can be difficult to impossible. Depending on your circumstances, the state of mental healthcare in this country is fair to abysmal. Due to the stygma, this is also true all over the world, but one would expect better in what is supposedly the best health care system in the world. (Yeah, it's nifty if you can afford health insurance.) Managed care hasn't done much--surprise, surprise--to alleviate the problem. Good mental health care is available so long as you have the resources.

There is little direct evidence of problems with quality in well-implemented managed care programs. The risk for more impaired populations and children remains a serious concern.

With insurances premiums rising every day, more and more people, including those with "good" jobs, are finding themselves without coverage.

My condolences to both Ms. Viehl and the victims' families.

Just One Of Many Promising Lives...
Heartbreaking. Death is an aspect of being a warrior. But to squander their lives on a lie is criminal.
via Eschaton

Author (and New Mexican) Alisa Valdes-Rodriquez does the smackity-smack on George Goober Bush. Making note to buy her book; I love a gal with 'tude.
via Monica Jackson

Conservative Sex...
Or the absense of humour.

"Whereas men look for a woman who can tie a cherry stem in a knot with their tongue..."

Actually, the J-Man is the cherry stem tie-er in the family...but I digress.

Let's Put 'Em In A Cage Match...
This brought to mind a conversation between me and the J-Man.

J-Man's suggestion. "Give them [fundie types] their own country--no abortion, no birth control, no science. Then they can cheeply manufacture all the cool technology we develop."

"But," I pointed out, "Without the wicked secular types to knock around, they'll turn on each other. Talk about a blood bath."

via Covington

Minutemen PR...
From Jesus's General

Another option would be to revive one of the ancient practices of our Celtic warrior forefathers. As you may recall from your history studies, they entered into battle naked and painted blue. We could do the same. I think this would be particularly effective during maneuvers. Imagine the fear it would inspire in a group of illegals when a horde of naked blue patriots descended upon them.

It would take more preparation than the hood thing. We'd need to get together early to paint each other. But that extra preparation time would also bring us closer together. There is no better way to build a bond between warriors than to have them rub pigment onto each other's little soldiers.

Happy Thursday,
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