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Thursday, August 04, 2005

If Sighs Were Currency

I'd be a billionaire. Especially around the males in my life.

First is the Nikster. At 1100 pounds, he can out-sigh any mere human. He's a gigantic My Little Pony. I love grooming him; with a little effort his mahogany coat picks up a metallic sheen. On his mane and tail, I unleash my inner girly.

He hates it all. Nikster is a go-y Arabian; he likes having a job to do. Standing around while I fritter with his mane irritates him. And, I think it offends his basic sense of masculinity. (Such as it is, since he's missing two key components: they rhyme with "walls.")

Biting me is out, so he sighs. And sighs, big wide-sprung ribs billowing and gusts shaking his chin whiskers.

The J-man makes up for lack of sigh volume with frequency. He's trapped in the house with me, after all. Typical scenario:

"I can't find my keys! I've really lost them this time. We'll have to make all new copies." I pace the living room, searching the same places over and over.

J-man stands in the eye of Hurricane Me and...sighs. "They have to be somewhere."

"Well of course they're somewhere. That doesn't help."

The poor man sighs. Then rather wearily, he joins the search. He turns over a few piles of junk and finds my keys.

Sheepish, I take my keys. And he sighs.

With love, for the guys in my life.



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