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Friday, August 26, 2005

I Find Myself

In the disturbing position of agreeing with George Will (sort of).

First he takes Americans to task for whining about gasoline prices:

But in America, every pleasure quickly becomes an entitlement, so Americans regard as a civil-rights outrage the fact that today's relatively low price of a gallon of gasoline—relative to prices in other years—is 67.5 cents higher than last year's very low price. Americans relish the pleasure of self-pity, so only a spoilsport will mention that since 1980 the share of consumer spending that goes for energy has declined from 9 percent to 6 percent.

And, a few weeks ago, he took up the call (sort of...) for humane treatment of food animals:

The disturbing facts about industrial farming by the $125 billion-a-year livestock industry—the pain-inflicting confinements and mutilations—have economic reasons. Ameliorating them would impose production costs that consumers would pay. But to glimpse what consumers would be paying to stop, visit factoryfarming.com/gallery.htm. Or read Scully on the miseries inflicted on billions of creatures "for our convenience and pleasure."


Other Stuff...
--Reality T.V vs. a Trip to the Zoo. Same diff.

--Sounds like another excuse to raise the retirement age. And why does it have to be a "shot?" What this country really needs is a vaccination against "stupidity."

--P.Z. Meyers smacks DeQuack Chopra. New word for me. "Moonbat." Hee.

--Mark Fiore Has Fun With Those Wacky Creationists, oops un-Intelligent IDists.

--Screwing, Republican style.

--And cows on dope.

All hail His carbo-ness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Due to my recent conversion to Pastafarianism, this is not an Atkins friendly blog.)

Have a terrif weekend.
Pat Kirby


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