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Monday, August 08, 2005

Grab It And Shake It

Some righteous and funny rantage re: un-Intelligent Design. (What? You think I'd have moved on by now? Nope. Sticking around. There's lots to snear at.)

Via Pharyngula

When the leader of your party turns his back on science, the product of God's 2nd greatest gift to us, reason*, when he turns from the very process which brought so much progress and prosperity to this land and encourages those would so eagerly toss aside rational thought itself ... gah, never mind voting Democrat: if my choice were between these cowards who would turn back the Enlightenment and anal-probing yet intellectually honest Martians, I would grit my teeth, vote for the Martians and learn to visualize my Happy Place during my Probe-Center appointments.

* I have in a previous post established God's greatest gift to us as doubt.

Another thou on the plot and brainstorming. More today, I hope.



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