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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Found Stuff

Dear Mom and Dad,


Over-involved parents are micromanaging their college-age children. (Question. Don't these parents have jobs?)

Man, this would have seriously cut into my college debauchery. Yes, my mother reads this blog. Any illusions she had have long since been shattered.

Not Even If They Gave Land Away...
Oh, wait, they are. Free land in Kansas, that is. The chief question on the minds of people who want to take up the offer:

One of the most common questions she gets from prospective settlers is where the nearest Wal-Mart is located. "Some people are just addicted to Wal-Mart," she said. They drive 50 minutes to Salina to get their fix, or make do with mail order or Internet shopping.

Not "Are the schools any good?" Nope, they want to know where they can get toilet paper cheap. Lawd, America's going to illiterate hell in a handbasket.

Fucking Town...
That's its name. Really. Townspeople must not do much f***ing or are handy with birth control, since the population is only 104.

Splendid Impolitic Rant...
Regarding ignorance, the Patriot Act and Creationism (un-Intelligent Design).

Why do both issues enjoy the same high level of support? Just like the support for Creationism, the support for the Patriot Act is derived from ignorance. It's easier to grasp, "POOF! The universe!" than it is to grasp an explanation that involves more complexity. Likewise, it's easier to grasp, "Well, it's called the Patriot Act, so it must be all for us patriots n' shit. I'm fer it, daggum!" That quote, incidentally, is the name of Toby Keith's next single.

Wednesday, Whew!



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