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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fluff In My Teeth

Why I hate computer-generated book covers...
Freaky-ass escapees from "The Sims -style people. Get a load of this one. Does this really sell books? Mostly confined to eBooks. Are eBook readers aesthetically impared?

Main n' Tail...
The stuff that makes the Nikster's hair soft and swishy, now has "human" instructions on the back of the bottle. I've never put it in my hair. Never will. It leaves a heavy wavy residue. It doesn't soften hair; it weighs it down and beats it into submission.

(If you must resort to equine hair care for your mane, may I suggest Show Sheen? Leaves hair so shiny a hat would slide right off your head. Eliminates the fear of the ultimate girly bugaboo--insects getting caught in your hair.)

Meanwhile, one writer--in anticipation of a poverty-stricken old age--is eating dog food. Why? I dunno? To get attention? It's working.

So she was never a kid? When I was a kid, I ate everything (except liver, broccoli, etc.). Dirt, dog food, sweet feed. Sweet feed is a mixture of oats, cracked corn, and molasses (And ten billion insect parts). It's a cattle/horse feed. Nothing better than a freshly opened bag; the bits of molasses-covered corn are yummy.

This folks, is why I have a viscious immune system. Plenty of exposure to pathogens as a child. Eat your dirt, Johnny. It's good for you.

link via Monica Jackson.


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