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Friday, August 19, 2005

Eewy McEewy

The local news station was doing the "Breaking News" thing. This means, they return to the scene of the crime--which happened several hours before--and tell me that they have no new news.


So I surfed over to something called the Daily Buzz. They're having a "Water Cooler" poll regarding the following: When is it okay to go to the bathroom around your significant other? Alternately, how long should you be together before going to the bathroom around your significant other?

Easy. Never, never, never. Some were arguing this was a form of intimacy. Oh, ick. What next? "Oh, darling. Show me you love me. Pick your nose. Or fart. I love it when you fart. And don't forget to blame it on the dog."

Ah. Deep thoughts. (The sort one has while sitting on the throne?) On a Friday.

Well, crap. Not much. Sick most of the day. Then J-man locks his keys in the car--at work, on the other side of the world. The spare key, which is supposed to live under the fender is nowhere to be seen. (Somewhere out there, someone might have the key to my car.) Greyhound peed on the couch, again. Rat Dog had one of her tummy upsets and I end up walking her in the hot sun and hallucinating that a large cow was following us. Nuttiness and nausea abounds. Now depressed because week has been sooo unproductive.

Well, Kirby. Would you like some bread and cheese with your whine?



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