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Monday, August 15, 2005

Daily Whine

One of those days when I just want to go home and go to bed...

Except the forces were conspiring against me. First, this morning the J-man left some bills to be mailed. I figured I'd just drop 'em off after work. But they have no stamps. So I have to schlep self into post office and buy a few. I don't carry cash and all my change is pennies. So I'm standing at the machine dumping in small change. Naturally, someone lurks behind me, making impatient noises. The Migraine That Roared is hiding behind a handful of aspirin and Tylenol, frying what little arithmatic skills discalculia has left. So I'm just aiming roughly for a number I think will cover all the stamps. Finally. I get my stamps and mail the bills.

Hit a school zone on the way home. After several minutes behind Security moms in minivans, I'm free and then home. Happy, happy home.

The plan: give the Nikster lunch; let dogs out and back in. Go to bed.

The problem: Rat Dog has puked on the couch. Rat Dog is the model of canine wonderfulness--cute, cuddly, no bark, no bite--and she's ralphed on every bit of comfortable furniture in the house. Whilst cleaning of Rat Dog ejecta, I notice the hummingbird feeder is already empty. Could ignore it, but want to watch the little buggers duke it out once I get to lie down. Fill feeder.

Nikster starts yelling at the house. All the horses in the neighborhood and a few dogs join in the clamour. Stagger out to feed horse. Flies are having a having a bad day too and are swarming angrily over Nik. Get repellent and find that it is empty. Damn. Mix up a new batch. Clean up Nik's daily fertilizer contribution.

Back in house. What's that red stuff? Lovely. Greyhound has pulled out another toenail. Bloody footprints all over the kitchen and living room. Oh, and beautiful, dark, gloomy day is being ruined by emergence of the sun.

Feeling exceptionally sorry for self. Decide to whine on blog.

How's your Monday?



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