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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Birds And Words

The hummingbird battle royale continues. The invading Rufous army still has an edge, but the Black-chinned hummingbirds have regained a feeder.

Meanwhile, there's now some additional color in the yard. Lesser goldfinches. Cheerful lemon yellow and they sing. A great change over the usual squawking of the quails and roadrunner. I put out two feeders on Sunday: a cheap thistle sock and a more expensive tube feeder. Naturally, the goldfinches are ignoring the tube feeder.

And the Rufous hummingbirds are giving the goldfinches the evil eye.

Monday was unproductive. Not surprising. Today, I need to sort out what to send Kristin. I've done loads of work on later chapters, but I hate sending earlier stuff because much was written before I had finished the first book. Since then there have been major changes in character relationships, changes that aren't always reflected in the early chapters of book two. The point is to review WIPs, but I hate foisting writing I know is crap, on someone else. OTOH, our discussions have led to "revelations" that have helped with later chapters.

(It's an entirly different matter to "think" it's spiffy and then find that it actually sucks.)

Off to shower stinky self.

P. Kirby


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