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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This Has Been Spreading

Rather like a venereal disease...

I hate you so bad

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Got sidetracked with big, fat Cemetary Dance anthology. Read a few stories by names I recognized: Stephen King, "Chattery Teeth"; Douglas Clegg, "The Rendering Man," Graham Masterton, "Pig's Dinner"; Jack Ketchum, "The Rifle"; and Nancy Holder, "Crash Cart."

Short stories aren't my preferred format, but I enjoyed these. Most didn't have much in the way of a plot, but the voices are so strong, it didn't much matter. As always, King amuses and Masterton is the king of squicky, burned-in-my-retina imagery. "The Rifle" is supposedly a classic, but this was my first exposure to it. Good story, but I didn't find it all that shocking. Perhaps because not much shocks me anymore.

Anyway reading the above just confirmed my belief that, for me anyway, a great voice can carry a story. Whereas great ideas, tight plots or well-crafted prose don't cut it if the voice is flat.

Not as much as I hoped since I got stuck...brainstorming time. But I still hit the 1000 mark. Today, busy chatting with Kristin this afternoon. Usually Wednesdays are husband nights. Instead of hiding in my office I creep out of my lair and interact with the spouse.



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