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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Strange Attractors, Quarks and Dog Hair

Dog hair seems to violate fundamental laws of the Universe.

I spent the morning vaccuming up at least ten dogs' worth of hair.

Problem. At the moment, the house is infested with just two dogs. One, the greyhound, is very large but barely covered with thin hair that screams "Rogaine." From the rear, his partly bald ass gives him the look of an emaciated baboon. Dog number two, The Rat Dog, is fuzzy but tiny.

Where does it come from, all the shed dog clothing? Cat-sized dust bunnies, their round bodies built from black and white hair, lurk in corners, fleeing the vaccum on tiny air currents. Our home's excess of spider webs is all the more obvious thanks to an interweaving of fuzz. Hair clings to the computer keyboard, cemented in a few places by spilled salsa from an afternoon snack.

Maybe dog hair operates on a sub-atomic level, vibrating at some weird frequency, opening tiny wormholes in the fabric of the Universe and sucking in other hair. Coyote hair, rabbit hair. (And into these wormholes go the mates to all my socks and my car keys.)

Next mystery. Why is there hay in the bottom of all my pockets, including clothing I've never worn around the horse? With pets, all science goes out the window.

(Yes, I'm aware the same is true of cat hair.)

On the Radio...
Corey Hart, "Never Surrender" Hee. Haven't heard that song in...decades.

Not much on either novel, but I cranked out a critique. A few hundred words, but I'm calling it "writing."



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