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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rotting Corpses

Bad Press Is Better Than No Press...
Think Tom Cruise's recent public meltdowns are hurting his career or Scientology? Guess again.

"War of the Worlds" raked in $21.2 million its opening night, which is on a par with blockbusters "X-Men" and "The Incredibles." Cruise is getting blockbuster numbers for Scientology, too. First-time visitors to Scientology centers have more than doubled since this time last year, the church reports. Sales of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's book "Dianetics" increased by more than 300 percent in June at Barnes & Noble stores.

The Shiny Land of Denial...
Bodies rotting in the basement, corpses in the yard. "No, no, there must be a good explanation," say wives of serial kilers.

In the case of Herb Baumeister, the Indiana serial killer who strangled gay men and buried them in his front lawn, a skeleton was found on the property by his young son. His wife, Juliana, told police she believed Baumeister's explanation: the skeleton was an inherited anatomical model that belonged to his father, a physician, and that he was simply storing it in the ground.
I love my J-man, but if I found bodies in the manure pile (and I didn't put them there myself; it's possible [shrugs]), I'd be calling up the pointy-toothed lawyer.

Further Proof That the American Medical System is Broken...
Quicken now has a program that helps navigate the morass of medical paperwork.

The program comes with one feature that many patients will find especially useful: dispute-letter templates so you can convince your doctor you've already paid and your insurance company that it's supposed to shell out.

How To Write A Bestseller...
Kill off some Kurds, throw in some torture and other dictatorial malfeasance.

"We had copies but they sold out after the book was banned," the owner of a kiosk in a busy Amman street told Reuters.

See kiddies, this is why book banning doesn't work.

Off to poison a horse.



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